The moment when we f…

The moment when we feel qualified enough to judge others... is the moment we make our first wrong Judgement. Good morning. Have a nice day.

SMS Category : Good Morning Sms

‘Ratra’ …

‘Ratra’ Is ‘Coming’
‘Tare’ R ‘Chamking’
‘Everyone’ Is ‘Zoping’,
‘Thandi’ Is ‘Vasing’
Why R U ‘Jaging’..?
So Go 2 ‘Anthrun’

SMS Category : Good Night Sms

Be-Zabano Ko Jab Wo …

Be-Zabano Ko Jab Wo Zaban Deta Hai
Parhen Ko Phir Wo Quraan Deta Hai
Bakhshne Pe Aaye Jab Ummat k Gunaho’n Ko
Tohfey Mein Gunahgaro’n Ko “Ramzan” Deta Hai…

SMS Category : Ramadan Sms

Aam Ki Khushbu Bari…

Aam Ki Khushbu
Barish Ki Bahar,
Garmi Ka Mosam Aney Ko Tayar,
Thori Si Masti,
Thora Sa Pyar,
Load Shedding K Liye
Raho Tyar

SMS Category : Summer Sms

The Golden words of …

The Golden words of Mahatma Gandhi
When you are right,
No need to be angry,
When you are wrong,
You have no right to be angry….

SMS Category : Thoughts Sms

You are one of the m…

You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!!
Just a second, don’t misunderstand.
CUTE means:

SMS Category : Insult Sms

Besan ki roti, Lemo…

Besan ki roti,
Lemo ka achaar,
Doston ki khushi,
Apnon ka pyar,
Sawan ki rain,
Kisi ka intezar,
Mubark ho aapko,
Barish ki bahar,
/ / / /
/ / /
/ /
Happy Rainy Day

SMS Category : Rain Sms

Time n Smile r two c…

Time n Smile r two crucial things in life….
Sometimes time makes us to 4gt smile n sometime
someone’s smile makes us to 4gt time…..
n ur Smile is so precious….
So try to be happy always.

SMS Category : Smile Sms

First Day of college…

First Day of college..
boy sees a hot beautiful girl sitting right next to him, & writes on paper “i love you, do you love me?”
he passes chit to her..
she replies “No”
he didn’t give up, he rubs her answer & passed same paper to another hottie sitting left to him..
‘n she replies “Yes”
moral of d story is
save trees, save earth,RECYCLE PAPER ! 

SMS Category : Family Sms

Muddat Se Akele The …

Muddat Se Akele The Hum,
Ek Zamane K Baad Kisi Ka Milna Achha Laga…
Sagar Se Gehri Lagi Apki Dosti,
Tairna Aata Tha Par Doob Jana Achha Laga

SMS Category : Sad Sms