We all spend so much…

We all spend so much money for
buying clothes!!!
But the best moments of life are
enjoyed without clothes,

Stop smiling
It’s Childhood…

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Nursery CLASS ka bac…

Nursery CLASS ka bacha bola
Mam me aap ko kaisa lagta hun?
BACHA Apni Side ke Larke Se Bola-
Dekha mene kaha tha na line marti hai

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Beta- Papa, aap jais…

Beta- Papa, aap jaise mujhe marte ho, vaise dadaji bhi apko marte the kya?
Papa- Bilkul marte the
Beta- Toh yeh khandani gundagardi kab tak chalegi

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Holi Dar Varshi Yete…

Holi Dar Varshi Yete Aani,
Sarvana Rangun Jate,
Te Rang Nighun Jata Pan,
Tumachya Premacha Rang,
Tasach Rahto,
Happy Holi….

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Ekada Rang LAGALE
tar sarv hotat RANGILE.
Happy Rangpanchami

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Jivnachya watewarJiv…

Jivnachya watewar

Jivnachya watewar Kalyanche bandh futun jatat,
Wahun jate sahwasache pani,
Tarihi Maitricha Ankur tag dharun rahto
Karan bhijat rahtat tya Aathavani HAPPY HOLI

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Life never seems to …

Life never seems to be
the way we want it,
but we live it in the
best way we can.

There is no perfect life but we
can fill it with perfect moments.

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After completion of …

After completion of my B.Tech from a recognised college I Got a decent job in MNC as a Engineer.

Under tremendous pressure from family to get married, I went to meet a girl under the arranged marriage system of India. After meeting, the girl rejected me upfront because she didn't like my Job.  I was furious and told her " Just wait and see after 5 years where this job is going to take me. You will be sorry". Of course, I moved on and got married to another girl a year later.

After 5 years,
I saw the same beautiful lady at a traffic signal with her husband in a brand new Audi. And I was trying to kick start my Activa because the battery start was not working. She looks out of the car and  briefly looks at me but without any hint of recognition due to helmet, and moves her eyes away!

At that moment, after driving a two wheeler for over 5 years, first time in my life I realized the value of a helmet.

So always wear a helmet in your own safety!

Issued in the public interest by a sincere Engineer

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Ajj Pappu Ne Poora S…

Ajj Pappu Ne Poora School Hila Dala,
Teacher: – Chipakali Kaun Hai?
Pappu:  Chipakali Ek Garib Magarmach Hai
Jisse bachpan Main “Born Vita” Wala Doodh
Nhi Mila, Jis Karad woh Kuposhan Ka Sikkar Ho Gya

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Happy Akshaya Tritiy…

Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

Aaj ka din hai bada hi pavan,
Kyoke aaj hai Akshaya Tritiya,
Aur is din ke sath Mata Lakshmi,
Aapko sukh santi aur samrudhhi de,
Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

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