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Remember, happiness …

Remember, happiness doesn’t depend
upon who you are or what you have,
it depends solely upon what you think.

(Dale Carnegie)

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People become really…

People become really quite remarkable
when they start thinking that they can do things.
When they believe in themselves
they have the first secret of success.

(Norman Vincent Peale)

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What we can or canno…

What we can or cannot do,
what we consider possible or impossible,
is rarely a function of our true capability.
It is more likely a function of our
beliefs about who we are.

(Anthony Robbins)

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All the breaks you n…

All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination,
Imagination is the workshop of your mind,
capable of turning mind energy
into accomplishment and wealth.

(Napoleon Hill)

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If you believe in wh…

If you believe in what you are doing,
then let nothing hold you up in your work.
Much of the best work of the world
has been done against seeming impossibilities.

(Dale Carnegie)

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There is no such th…

There is no
such thing
in anyone’s life
as an unimportant day.

(Alexander Woollcott)

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There are no acciden…

There are no accidents…
there is only some purpose
that we haven’t yet understood.

(Deepak Chopra)

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There are those who…

There are those
who dream and wish
there are those
who dream and work.

(Jeune.E. McIntyre.)

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Death is not the big…

Death is not the biggest fear we have;
our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive —
the risk to be alive and express what we really are.

(Don Miguel Ruiz)

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Love story! A mosqu…

Love story!
A mosquito & hen fell in love wid each other.
1 day they kissed each other
Hen died of dengue
Mosquito died of bird flu

Moral: Sachi mohabbat:-)

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