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Have a horrible day …

Have a horrible day without water in ur bathroom,
while soap in ur eyes.
Oh!sorry, dis msg is not 4 u.
Its only 4 those who do not take bath everyday…

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We will now upgrade …

We will now upgrade your brain,
please wait….
still searching….
NO BRAIN found…!

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Taste this SMS Did …

Taste this SMS
Did u feel da taste of ginger?

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Press down if you th…

Press down if you think you are MAD,
I can’t believe u did that!
For God Sake!
Why u still doing it?
Truth is out now!

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Your network tariff …

Your network tariff has changed!
Call charges are now calculated according to brain size.
The smaller the cheaper!
Congrats You can make free calls!

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Your Ex-GirlFriend A…

Your Ex-GirlFriend Asking If u Can Still Be Friends After A Break-Up..

It is Like..
A Kidnapper Telling U To Keep In Touch.!

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Solid Bezzati Boy t…

Solid Bezzati
Boy to Slim Girl:
Apni Body to Dekho Jese Haddiya hi Haddiya ho..
Girl: Isliye Itni Dair Se Soch Rahi Hu ke
Mere Paas Kutta Kyu khada hain. 

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What is self insult …

What is self insult ..
An angry boss:
Tumne kabhi ullu dekha hai ..
Pappu (sar jhuka ke): Nahi sar!
Boss: Neeche kya dekh rhe ho idiot..
Meri taraf Dekho..!!

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Classic Insult A Gi…

Classic Insult
A Girl Singing in Bus.
Boy: Why can’t you sing in radio?
GirL: am i singing that much better?
Boy: NOT like that we can off the radio so.

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Ur a “flower&r…

Ur a “flower” in english

In sanskrit “pushp”

In arabi “zuhra”

In urdu “gul”

Don’t b so happy,  b’coz
in hindi ur a

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