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Confidence helps to …

Confidence helps to set some Aim.
But,Self Confidence helps 2 achieve that Aim".
So Never lose self confidence..

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Definition of“Huma…

Definition of
“Human Being”
by A Philosopher:

A Creature That Cuts Trees,
& Makes Paper,
& On Those Papers They Writes


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Every successful per…

Every successful person has a painful story,
Every painful story has a successful ending.

Accept the pain
get ready to success.

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Behtreen insaan apni…

Behtreen insaan apni
mithi jubaan se hi jana jata hai,

Warna achhi batein to deewaro par
bhi likhi hoti hai.

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Life is better when …

Life is better when you are happy,
Life is best when other people are happy because of you!
Be an inspiration, share ur smile.

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Mistake increase you…

Mistake increase your experience and experience decrease your mistakes
You learn from mistakes
While the other learn from your sucsess.

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Dali par baithe hue …

Dali par baithe hue parinde ko pata hai ki dali kamzor hai,
Fir bhi wo us dali par hai.

Kyun ke usko dali se zyada apne Pankh par bharosa hai
Trust urself..

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Life never turns the…

Life never turns the way we want.
we live it in the best way we can. There’s no perfect life,
we can Fill it with perfect moments

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There are two ways t…

There are two ways to live your life:
-One is as though nothing is a miracle.
-The other is as though everything is a miracle.

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There is always a ho…

There is always a hope and an end.
It depends on us how we deal with them.
We can look at it as a hopeless end.
an Endless Hope.

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