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Hurray! Bravo! Con…

Really Cool!
You Did It!
Way to go!
Great Work!

SMS Category : Congratulations Sms

Sending you a JUMBO-…

Sending you a JUMBO-SIZED
You did it!

SMS Category : Congratulations Sms

Amazing! Above the …

Above the rest!

A+ Congrats!
You’ve come out… top grade!

SMS Category : Congratulations Sms

Congratulations On …

On your graduation!
Wishing you luck & success
In all that you do!

SMS Category : Congratulations Sms

We are overjoyed at …

We are overjoyed at the arrival of the new member in your family tree
Wishing you lots of happiness with your litle one

SMS Category : Congratulations Sms

Heard you have got a…

Heard you have got a new JOB
This place won’t be same without you
Congtars But I will MISS U

SMS Category : Congratulations Sms