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Hansi ko INBOXAnso k…

Hansi ko INBOX
Anso ko OUTBOX
Gusay ko HOLD
Muskan ko SENT
Help ko OK
Dil ko VIBRAT kro
Phr dekho zindgi ki RING TONE
kesi pyari mehsos hogi.

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Q. How do u keep a p…

Q. How do u keep a programmer in d shower al day?
A. Give him a bottle of shampoo which says Lather, rinse, repeat.

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Q. Whr’s an astron…

Q. Whr’s an astronaut’s favourite place on the computer?
* * * * *
A. The spacebar!

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Dear Computer User,I…

Dear Computer User,

I Do Appreciate Your Kind Attitude Towards
The Keys 0f Keyboard,
0ne question…

Why Do You Press All Keys Softly n Hit Me
With All Your Power?

Yours sincerely,
‘ENTER’ Key!

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Wife: Dear, this com…

Wife: Dear, this computer is not working as per my command.
Husband: Exactly darling!
its a computer, not a Husband..!!

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Girl: Which computer…

Girl: Which computer do u have?
Boy: I have a computer with intel core i7
processor at 3.3 ghz, windows 7, 64 bit, 8gb ram
& nvidia gtx 560 graphics card.

Boy: which computer do YOU have???
Girl: A PINK ONE !!

What to say now.

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Dil agar CPU hota to…

Dil agar CPU hota to aapki sabhi yadon ko SAVE Kar sakte,
Dimag mein agar PRINTER hota to khayallo ka PRINT OUT nikal lete,
Dhadkan mein agar PEN DRIVE hoti to zindagi ka BACKUP lete,
Mann mein jo BLUETOOTH hota to baton ko TRANSFER kar lete,
Ankhon mein jo WEBCAM hota to tasvir ko RECEIVE kar lete,
Kash Zindagi bhi ek COMPUTER hoti to use bhi RESTART ker lete,
Kaaash aisa hota?

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Fuming Wife: Wats my…

Fuming Wife: Wats my value in the family??
Techie Husband: An Unknown Virus..!!

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Q: why is the DBA so…

Q: why is the DBA so rich?
A: He creates and manages quite a lot of
FOREIGN KEY relationships

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Teacher Gave Him Pun…

Teacher Gave Him Punishment
To Write 5000 Times
“I Will Not Throw Paper Airplanes In Class…”
And Submit It Tomorrow….

Next Day, He Submitted The Paper Written

Void Main( )
Clrscr( );Int N;
For( N=1 ; N<=5000 ; N++ )
Printf(“I Will Not Throw Paper Airplanes In Class”); Getch( ); }

Be A Programmer… Think Differently

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